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Gravy and the biscuit rollers

Gravy and the Biscuit Rollers

I was in a band called Ratfish Bone with Paul Footen, who invited me to drum in a side project, which already had a drummer.  We did a few shows with 2 drummers and, after a couple months, the original drummer phoned to say he’d called a band meeting without me, telling them he didn’t think the 2 drummer thing was working out.  They’d agreed and fired him, so he was calling to ask if I’d quit so he could have his band back.  Gravy and the Biscuit Rollers lasted about 4 years playing Seattle bars in the first decade of this century.  The mission statement was to play 4 genres:  blues, funk, rock and country and the criterion for song selection was that females would be compelled to dance.

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